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Finding &

Finding and Purchasing Plants

Cacti and succulents are great plants to grow, they have strange and interesting forms. But, where do you find all of the neat plants you see in other's collections?

Monthly meetings are a great way to find new plants. Many members have cacti and succulents for sale and trade at meetings. The newsletter lists links and other plant and supply resources.

The annual show is a public forum where members and commercial growers sell plants, soil and other growing supplies. Lots of great, unusual plants are available for all budgets. The club can only take cash or checks; sorry, no credit cards.

Foster Homes:
The club will often recieve calls about a plant that needs a new home - it has grown too large, the owner can no longer take care of it or they may be moving. If you have a plant that needs a new home, contact Karen in our club.

Member Sales:
Members with plants for sale.

<None at this time>

Other Great Sources Used by Members:
Henry Shaw Cactus Society
Out of Africa
Mesa Garden

Bob Smoley’s Gardenworld
---(summer plant list, Sansevaria list, supplement)
Sheilam Nursery
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall

Rainbow Gardens Bookshop
Plant Delights


Information & Resources:

CactiGuide Cactus Forum www.cactiguide.com

Cactus and Succulent Society of America www.cssainc.org

Central Ohio Cactus & Succulent Society http://columbus-cactus-club.webs.com/index.html

Cleveland Botanical Garden www.cbgarden.org

CocozzaCollection www.cocozzacollection.org.uk

Henry Shaw Cactus Society www.hscactus.org

Kuba Jilemicky's Blog Site http://haworthia-gasteria.blogspot.com/2008/01/home.html

The Amateurs’ Digest www.theamateursdigest.com

The Haworthia Society

Desert Tropicals

Cactus Explorers Club

Xeric World Forums

Gardnes on the Edge
photo gallery & blog

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